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See how to listen to music without internet on your cell phone

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In today's article, see how listen to music without internet on your cell phone, using applications that provide this feature, allowing you to access your music whenever and wherever you want.

Is listening to music without internet really possible?

Yes, it's possible. And we have separated for you some applications that provide this feature, so you can download them on your cell phone. Check it out below.



Firstly, we brought the Spotify app, which is the most famous app in the world. streaming currently, offering users the possibility of downloading music and listening offline.


The app presents this feature through a Spotify Premium subscription, which costs around R$9.90 to R$34.90.

After subscribing, the user must select the “download” button on the track to listen to their music offline. This also applies to playlists, albums and podcasts.


The SoundCloud app, in our second position today, is the only app on the list that does not require a Premium subscription to listen to music offline.

Therefore, the user simply needs to select the “Add to Playlist” function, choose the playback track and listen to it in full, the download will be done automatically and can be accessed without the internet.


Our third application is Deezer, which is very similar to Spotify, and is also a streaming subscription service, offering the ability to play music without the internet.

The user must simply select the track, place it in their playlist and download it to their cell phone.

YouTube Premium

And our fourth application, YouTube Premium, is a little more different from the others, making it possible to play music and videos without having access to the internet.

Thus, the user can select the option “Download” and have the music and videos on your cell phone, which you can play whenever you want.

It is worth remembering that the resource is available through a subscription to YouTube's Premium service.

Where to download the apps mentioned?

These apps are available on the AppStore and Play Store. Below are their respective links:

  • Spotify (iOS and Android);
  • Soundcloud (iOS and Android);
  • Deezer (iOS and Android);
  • Youtube Premium (iOS and Android).