Check out - Bradesco DIN Card and its advantages

Check out – Bradesco DIN Card and its advantages

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Bradesco launched a prepaid credit card, Din. This card can be requested easily and without complications. The purpose of this card is to offer services to those people who are unable to apply for a credit card, but wish to make purchases in physical and virtual stores, as if they were using a credit card. At the time of the request, proof of income is not requested, and the institution also does not consult Serasa or SPC.

This prepaid card was made to work like a conventional credit card, its difference is that each transaction is immediately debited from the card balance, like the debit function. Therefore, it is not possible to pay in installments for purchases with the DIN card, especially because purchases made with the card will be debited immediately. This card is exempt from annual fees, however, you must pay an issuance fee of R$10. Another fee is for maintenance in the amount of R$2,99, this fee will only be charged when there is a balance on the card.


Transfers to Bradesco Accounts and other financial institutions – via the Bradesco DIN App, the website and Bradesco Self-Service Machines.


As you already know, this credit card is very similar to a virtual wallet, in which you can carry X amount of money with more practicality and security, taking into account the modernization that advances every day. This card can be worth it because the customer can find all everyday functions on it.

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