Olé payroll credit card - Answer all your questions

Olé payroll credit card – Answer all your questions

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The Olé payroll card is a common credit card type, which allows purchases to be paid in installments and has a total limit analyzed by the financial institution. You can swipe your card for payment at establishments affiliated with the brand, which in this case is Visa.

The payroll modality has only a few restrictions and differences, such as: it can only be requested by federal public servants, state public servants, municipal public servants and INSS retirees and pensioners; the total limit must respect the payroll margin available according to the body in which you work, but normally it is around 5%; the value of the invoice is debited directly from your benefit or salary, so you effectively do not even receive the amount accumulated in the invoice. 


Having an Olé payroll card has several benefits. The card is from the international Visa brand, which guarantees that the card participates in the brand's benefits program, Vai de Visa. Furthermore, the card does not cost the customer any extra costs, as it does not charge issuance or maintenance fees, and the annual fee is completely free.


Card fees are on average 4x lower than conventional credit cards, you have the complete convenience of requesting the card directly from your home via the website or app, making it a completely digital process.

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